James’ Bio

I am just one of the guys in the background… Literally at one of our events!  Technical coordination, media, websites, email and other techno geeky stuff – that is where you will find me.  Of course I also help take care of eight kids and Sherrie too!  Sherrie and I have been serving side by side in this ministry since its inception in 2008.  Why a women’s ministry?  Well, because my wife is a woman…  If there is one thing I have learned while ministering with Sherrie it is revered appreciation and understanding of why we should be motivated for excellence in everything we do.  If every step I take is for the glory of the Lord, then why would I ever drag my feet?  (Not saying that I don’t from time to time!)  We committed to God that we would target excellence in everything with byGrace Ministries because it is all for God.  That same commitment applies to all areas of life.  What I truly love about byGrace is the relationships developed with team members, their families and others through the events and other activities.

What about my personal Jesus story?  Not enough time or space here – besides, there is no ending!  Basically, you are looking at a man who believed he was a Christian for 41 years… Video Testimony

Sherrie and I really do have eight kids – together – just the two of us…  We are truly blessed!  We moved to New York from Texas in 2002.  No surprise that my current career is also in the technical arena.  One of my favorite passages is Romans 12 (How to live with excellence!)  Another is Ephesians 6 – particularly verses 10 – 20, which is an absolute necessity if you apply Romans 12.

What is my favorite ice cream flavor?  Vanilla – The possibilities are endless – you can combine it with just about anything and it always tastes great!

What is my biggest pet peeve?  It used to be slow drivers but God made that amusing.  (Maters)

What does a typical day look like for me?  Vanilla ice cream…


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