Good to hear someone  (Perry Noble’s blog Duck Dynasty, Homosexuality And Political Correctness  ) make sense of all this without attacks and hurling insults. We as believers in Christ need to take the high road. That doesn’t mean we don’t need to stand up for our beliefs, but that we need to do it in a way that honors our Lord and Savior who died for the whole of humanity. … Continue reading

From Sue: A remarkable elderly lady in our congregation had a unique ministry.  Every week a guard ushered her into a visiting room where she would counsel, love and pray for women prisoners. She was a lady of steel out the outside and non-judgmental tenderness on the inside. She had a bumper sticker on her car that said, “I work for the Jewish carpenter.” Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth, certainly … Continue reading

From Dina:   I am a homeschooling mom and I am standing in the Lord’s grace. I need it- like air. I’m not particularly drawn to teaching nor do I have a degree.  I’m not anymore educated than the next mom.  .   We don’t have an unlimited curriculum budget which means I have to research prices very carefully.  We have sacrificed vacations, new cars, home renovations and dinners out so … Continue reading

From James: LbD (Little “but” Disease) will stop anyone from reaching their full potential! I know I should spend more time with God, but… I know I should pray, but… I know I should exercise regularly, but… I know I should eat better, but… I know I should avoid debt, but… I know I should forgive ______, but… I know I should quit _______, but… There is one cure- BGV … Continue reading

From Dina: When I rededicated myself to the Lord, my husband was suspicious.  He had never heard the Gospel, and didn’t really want to hear it.  He was fine the way he was, a good guy who really didn’t see his need for Jesus.  Not really ambivalent but just lacking much of an opinion at all, he let me do my thing as long as it didn’t conflict with his … Continue reading

From James: Miley Cyrus is one symptom, not the disease… This comes from a now fifty year old father of eight (four boys and four girls) who was once trapped in the all too commonly accepted world of pornography and the degrading of women in general – for thirty something years.. Why do we look at Miley as the problem? – Or MTV and Pop Culture? – Or the Media … Continue reading

  …the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.      Genesis 2:7 Can you imagine the scene?  Creator God on His knees in the dirt of the earth using His own hands to mold into form the perfect man who would be made in His image and His likeness.  It’s … Continue reading

Dina shares: I have days when I feel terrible about my response to conflict. Moments when I walk around grumpy because I feel guilty that I yelled, I was sarcastic, I was impatient….I wasn’t perfect. I feel especially awful when I wound one of my kids and that feeling doesn’t go away until I apologize and squeeze them tight. Forgiveness is so sweet. One particular frigid day in February I … Continue reading

Read Genesis chapter 2 What’s in a name? It may seem insignificant at first but we should take notice the change in names by which the Creator used to describe Himself between the first two chapters of Genesis. “God” as used in Chapter 1 is a translation from the Hebrew word for “Elohim” and means God of Power or Supreme God. “LORD” (using all capitals) added to the name in … Continue reading

Sue shares: Many years ago, my husband and I were involved with the Sports Car Club of America and we attended many a race at Watkins Glen, NY. One afternoon, I found myself standing next to the track where the formula cars were primed for the race to begin. At the command, “Gentlemen, start your engines,” they simultaneously roared to life and it felt like the earth shook. I was … Continue reading

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